Our Mission

The mission of COSC is to teach fundamental offshore seamanship to a large number of community and college students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to expand the American pool of offshore capable mariners.

The program provides an option to those young sailors wishing to expand their skill-sets beyond dinghy sailing and to those who have physically outgrown dinghies.

COSC is structured to support the professional training offered by maritime & service academies, and those programs wishing to develop lifelong corinthian sailors.

COSC has raised nearly $1 million to acquire 13 x Figaro 2s for installation in community programs and college teams.

The “Offshore” Sailing Gap at Academies & Colleges

1. Current “Offshore” collegiate teams are a misnomer and are in fact “Keelboat” teams:
a. they do not sail truly “offshore” nor teach fundamental “offshore” seamanship;
b. these “offshore” teams do sail and teach round-the-buoys day-racing in keelboats;
c. “offshore” keelboat teams are hampered by randomly donated non-one-design boats of unequal performance and condition meant for sale in 3 years.

2. Nearly all College sailing is dinghy racing:
a. dinghy sailors may stop sailing because they physically outgrow the dinghies;
b. most Adult sailing is in larger keelboats doing day-racing or coastal cruising;
c. thus, there is little bridge between College dinghy sailing and Adult keelboat sailing.

3. Thus the opportunity to create an American pool of ocean-capable, true offshore mariners & sailors is not being realized.

Our Solution: A Fleet of Figaro 2s Installed in College Sailing Teams

The Beneteau Figaro 2 has been the fundamental building block boat for the great French offshore sailors and racers for the last decade.

The Figaro 2s (33′ LOA, 11′ Beam, 7′ Draft, 3.1 tons Displacement) are affordable, strict one-design, and proven reliable, safe, and offshore-capable (including transatlantic races). 7 of 8 Vendee Globe winners have come from the Figaro class.

Our fleet of Figaro 2s, installed in chosen community sailing centers and colleges (regionally concentrated on the US East Coast to aid competition) would vastly expand the American pool of offshore capable mariners, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Our COSC Entity

COSC has been incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in Massachusetts. It is raising cash funds from private donors and foundations, and in-kind donations from sponsors.

While awaiting its 501(c)3 status, COSC partnered with the Storm Trysail Foundation who to be a conduit for tax-deductible donations, that will then be granted to COSC.

COSC has raised nearly $1 million to acquire 13 x Figaro 2s for such installation in community & college sailing programs.

“The opportunity to introduce College age sailors to offshore sailing is a great benefit. All the elements of leadership and teamwork come together on a racing yacht. One connects with nature at sea. The lessons and experience provide invaluable lessons on and off the water. After many years racing across oceans, and circumnavigating the world, Rich Wilson introduces an exciting concept to help to inspire sailors to reach their dream of sailing the seas.” 

Gary Jobson, SUNY Maritime College ‘73 
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